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Where did we come from?

The reason I started Marketable was that, as someone who has worked in Marketing for over ten years, and who has worked with a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners, I noticed two things:

  • There's a lot of people around giving bad advice and charging top-dollar for the privilege.
  • Because we now have free access to an overwhelming amount of information (thanks internet!), a lot of business owners simply don't know where to begin.

But, marketing doesn't need to be complicated! Often, it doesn't even need to be outsourced. So, I started Marketable to help business owners cut through 'the shit' and focus on the bits that actually matter.


Listening before you lead.

Too often business owners get led down the garden path with their marketing advice. 

The most important skill a marketer needs to have is the ability to listen. Taking time to understand the full picture is a crucial step towards building an effective strategy - but it's the step that is most-often overlooked.

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